Dude from The Graham: “Have you been by The Graham? We have done live bands before but it is tight so, I wanna make sure you know the layout.”
Regina Vagina: We have. We like it tight”

“I am very proud of you for being an independent woman” – Pussy Face’s father

“I thought MLT songs were children’s songs” – David

“(While meditating this morning upon your new monkey paws song) I thought about Pussy Face’s tiny hands on Craigs mondo cock and i shot out a little squirt of enlightenment” – Squirt Swami

“My therapist asked me to show them, on a doll, where exactly MLT touched me. I couldn’t. – Hugh Cock

“I gave their Arlene’s Grocery LIVE album 4 fists in my Yahoo Answers review. It’s that fucking good.” – Roman RUUUUR

“Your rendition of silent night made me feel something, though I’m still not sure exactly what.” – Frishman

“You spelled ‘Testimonials’ wrong.” – MikeyCrotchy

“You guys, I came like three times. No, actually, like five times.” – Ashley

“Your music has changed my life and has really taken me through some dark times. Thank you all so much. I mean that from the bottom of my cock.” – DongJohnson

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