• M.C. Biggles

    M.C. Biggles

  • Regina Vagina

    Regina Vagina

  • Lord Blah Blah

    Lord Blah Blah

  • Pussy Face

    Pussy Face

  • Boozy McFloozerson

    Boozy McFloozerson

  • Titty Titty Bang Bang

    Titty Titty Bang Bang

  • Mia SoDrunk

    Mia SoDrunk

  • Bloody Knobby

    Bloody Knobby

  • Queef Latina

    Queef Latina


Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 4.53.13 PM (2)


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Wow, hey, what happens when you mix a whole bunch of MLT’s and very hot lights? You get a salad! Get it? Well we don’t get it either, but it happened. For our upcoming album (THE U.S. DON’T KNOW WHAT’S ABOUT TO HIT THEM), we shot a whole bunch of[…]

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FIRST SHOW OF THE YEAR…right? I’m pretty sure

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the first show of the year. It’s been a blur while we brrrr and slurrrrrrrrr. ARLENE’S GROCERY TIME!! Details: 7pm – Monkey Fighting Snakes 8pm – Hack 9:30pm – MY LEFT TIT 12:15-3am – Mauth, K. Milla, Mary Fuck Kill on the 1s and 2s[…]

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GAZA STRIP. NPR Tiny Desk Submission

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Ugh, we had to take a second away from our busy schedule of figuring out what Jaden Smith is always worried about to shoot a submission for NPR’s Tiny Desk contest. I’d be surprised if they choose another band besides ours. We basically solve the problems in the Middle East[…]

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mlt postcard NEW YEARS2


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In direct response to the growing number of drinks we consume per show, My Left Tit has decided that it’s not enough, we need more!!! SO HOW ABOUT AN ALL NIGHT NEW YEARS EVE SHOW?! We say HELL YEAH!!!!! *squirt* Fuck. Goddamn now I need to change my underwear. Haha,[…]

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