• M.C. Biggles

    M.C. Biggles

  • Regina Vagina

    Regina Vagina

  • Lord Blah Blah

    Lord Blah Blah

  • Pussy Face

    Pussy Face

  • Boozy McFloozerson

    Boozy McFloozerson

  • Titty Titty Bang Bang

    Titty Titty Bang Bang

  • Mia SoDrunk

    Mia SoDrunk

  • Bloody Knobby

    Bloody Knobby

  • Queef Latina

    Queef Latina



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MY LEFT TIT is releasing an album soon. ¬†We swear. THIS IS THE PRE-CUM PRE-RELEASE SHOW!! DON PEDRO 90 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn 11pm – MY LEFT TIT 12pm – SEX MONEY BUSINESS PLEASURE We will be auctioning off photos of your favorite bandmate, all for Planned Parenthood. We’ve missed you[…]

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Wow, hey, what happens when you mix a whole bunch of MLT’s and very hot lights? You get a salad! Get it? Well we don’t get it either, but it happened. For our upcoming album (THE U.S. DON’T KNOW WHAT’S ABOUT TO HIT THEM), we shot a whole bunch of[…]

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FIRST SHOW OF THE YEAR…right? I’m pretty sure

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the first show of the year. It’s been a blur while we brrrr and slurrrrrrrrr. ARLENE’S GROCERY TIME!! Details: 7pm – Monkey Fighting Snakes 8pm – Hack 9:30pm – MY LEFT TIT 12:15-3am – Mauth, K. Milla, Mary Fuck Kill on the 1s and 2s[…]

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